Home Surveillance Systems Keep You in Constant Contact with Your Home or Business

The ability to see your home or business at any time is a powerful tool against burglaries, disasters, and life threats. With a home surveillance system from Pelican State Protection, you stay protected and in constant contact with your home or business. Whether you want to check in on the kids, know when a package is delivered, or identify unwelcome visitors, a video home surveillance system provides you with that possibility.

Home Surveillance Security Plan

We perform a comprehensive assessment of your home or business to determine where high-risk access points are located and create a security surveillance plan specific to your property. With a surveillance plan fit for your needs, we install high-quality cameras around your property that record footage on a daily basis.


Stay Connected with Streaming

We install both indoor and outdoor cameras so you can monitor the activity of visitors outside or loved ones inside your home. You have the option to review footage on a designated DVR at any time or our home surveillance system can sync with your phone or tablet so you can stream live footage.

Our designated doorbell camera allows you to view who is on your doorstep without leaving the safety of your home or opening the door to possible threats and also sync with your phone or tablet.

Adding surveillance cameras to your home or business gives you extra protection. It is your answer to checking in on your elderly relatives, knowing when the kids get home from school, or being aware of threatening activity in or around your home.