Out-of-Town Doorknocker Security Company Scams

You have encountered door-to-door salespeople all your life. Some, like the neighbor’s daughter who sells Girl Scout cookies can be trusted to deliver on any promises made. Others, such as out-of-town security companies, are not as trustworthy. Out-of-town security companies often scam local citizens by convincing them into ditching their reliable local security service for the service they provide. The problem comes when these non-local security companies do not deliver on their promises and leave local citizens vulnerable.

Non-local security companies can often get away with scamming local citizens because of the lack of repercussions for poor service. Avoid using out-of-town security companies to help ensure your home stays protected and know how to tell them apart from your local security companies when they come knocking.

Watch Out for Out-of-Town Doorknocker Security Company Scams

What are Out-of-town Doorknocker Security Companies?

Out-of-town, doorknocker security companies are nonlocal businesses attempting to sell you home alarm systems by pitching you services from your doorstep. The representatives of these nonlocal, doorknocker security companies are normally aggressive in their selling tactics and may offer many promises and deals that seem too good to be true. Some of the doorknockers may be trying to scam you entirely, with no intention of providing any service at all.

Even the nonlocal companies that actually do provide security will not be up to the standards of your local security company. Local security companies operate within the state’s regulations, are invested in their reputation within the community, and are held to high standards by their customers.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Out-of-Town, Doorknocker Security Companies

Not all nonlocal, doorknocker security companies will provide poor home security, but it will be of lesser quality than the security companies operating within your home area. Because the Out-of-town, doorknocker security companies are not local, they cannot provide proper customer service. When you have a problem with your equipment or need an additional piece installed, the nonlocal companies will not be able to come and assist you as quickly as a local company could.

The nonlocal doorknocker security companies who are just trying to make a quick sale are even less likely to provide proper customer service. You’ll find yourself locked into a binding contract that you can’t cancel. Doorknockers from out of town may also not meet state regulations, operating without a license and selling equipment and service that are inadequate.

For those who already have a security system and a doorknocker is trying to get you to switch, beware of how it might affect your security. Out-of-town doorknockers will often disable parts of your current equipment in favor of theirs that won’t sync with all the other systems. If they disable parts of your current security system or do not install proper equipment you could be left vulnerable.

How to protect yourself from Nonlocal, Doorknocker Security Companies

If nonlocal doorknockers are actually selling their own security systems and genuinely want to offer good security, still perform company research.

  • Ask to see their license, issued by the state fire marshal
  • View their proof of insurance, which is required by Louisiana law
  • Research the company online. Do they have a website? How are their customer reviews? Are they using up-to-date equipment?
  • Read through the contract thoroughly and don’t sign it on the spot. If you’re interested in their services and they want your business they’ll give you time to consider.
  • Get all the representative’s information including name, phone number, state license number, company name, etc., just in case something goes wrong.

You also need to be aware that some nonlocal doorknockers are complete scam artists that have no interest in providing any kind of security to you. These characters are good at convincing people of their legitimacy, so in addition to doing all the above items when a doorknocker appears at your doorstep, take the below points into consideration as well.

  • If a doorknocker says they are from your security company then they should know about your security systems and equipment. If they don’t know about your systems without you telling them then they aren’t from your security company.
  • Your security company representative will never show up to your home without making an appointment or giving you notice.
  • Your security company representative is a professional, which means they’ll have the company truck, company branded t-shirts and lawn signs, and other company equipment.
  • If a doorknocker will not provide you with identification but is claiming they work for your current security company then call your security company for verification of employment.
  • If a doorknocker claims the common scam excuses such as you need to upgrade your system, the company you are using went out of business, the company you are using merged with their company, the company you are using doesn’t provide the best service, etc., then be on alert.

During this season, when nonlocal security companies are out and about, remember to use caution. Ask the above questions and think twice before signing onto a nonlocal security company that won’t be able to quickly come to your assistance when an incident occurs.