Protecting the Protectors with Home Security

The people who give so much to protect, educate, and keep communities healthy also need protection and security in their personal lives. Veterans, first responders, and educators provide those within a community the peace of mind they need to live comfortably. With community leaders and protectors around, we know we are secure and can live peacefully. Pelican State Protection is making an effort to give the protectors the security they provide to us on a daily basis. By giving them the security they need at home, they can have the same peace of mind within their lives that we do in ours.

Home Security for the First Responders in Our Community

Why We Do It

With first responders spending much of their time out in the community educating, saving, and healing those in need, they often don’t spend much time at home. Their property and home lives are left unattended while they are out assisting others. With that in mind, it’s crucial for our protectors to have a system in place that they can rely on for security.

firefightersAs a veteran-owned company, we believe in supporting others who make a difference in the community. Giving back to those who serve our country and their communities is one of our ways of showing that we believe in this great nation and all those who serve it.

 How We Show Support

Pelican State Protection is making it easier for Louisiana’s firefighters, teachers, police officers, veterans, EMS responders, those on active duty, and other first responders to get the security they need in their personal lives. We offer first responder discounts to everyone making a difference in the State of Louisiana. With security systems, life safety sensors, and home automation we provide the protectors with home and life protection at a custom rate. With our small tribute, we hope to provide the first responders the opportunity to focus all of their attention on the events that are important in their life.

Our Customer Dedication

One of our top priorities is our customer’s satisfaction with the security equipment and our customer service. The determination we have to solve any problem and provide people with the best first respondersecurity possible keeps us as a leader in the industry and everyone with their safest home life yet. We constantly work to keep those making a difference safe at all times and give them the peace of mind they deserve and provide to others each day. With us, security is number one, so first responders never have to worry about their homes while they are out helping others.

When you are in need of home security, home automation, or life protection call Pelican State Protection. We take your protection seriously and want to give back to those who spend their lives helping others. Whether you are a firefighter, veteran, police officer, teacher or other first responder, we are here for you. We’ll protect what’s most important to you because your protection is our business.