Securing Your Windows Against Burglary

A burglar will attempt to enter your home through either your doors or windows because they are easy access points. If you’ve secured your doors heavily with locks and other defensive equipment then your windows are what need to be reinforced next. Knowing how to strengthen your home’s weaker security points is important for your and your family’s safety. Increase your home’s protection by following these tips to secure your windows against burglars.

Secure Your Window Against Burglary with These Tips

Window Material

Single-paned glass doesn’t provide significant protection against temperature changes much less break-ins. Easily shattered, single or even double paned glass is not much of a deterrent to burglars. Windows made of reinforced glass or polycarbonate will provide better protection for your home. With an impact resistance that is much higher than normal glass, reinforced glass or polycarbonate windows require significant force to shatter. The additional force required to break these reinforced windows will help discourage a thief, as they are looking for easy access. If determined, a thief window areawill at least be required to make considerable noise breaking through the windows.

Window Locks

While the flip lock that comes standard on any window helps to prevent someone from simply sliding your window open, it will not prove effective against a determined burglar. Installing additional locks on your windows will help to block potential thieves. While burglars are likely expecting one standard store lock, they may not be ready to unlock an additional lock as well. The name of a thief’s game is to get in quickly and then get out fast, so making them spend additional time figuring out how to get into your home may help to prevent the robbery in the first place.

Window Area

The area surrounding a window is just as important as the window itself. Both the inside and outside of the home can be modified to help deter thieves and make them think twice about breaking into your home. When modifying the outside of your home, reducing the number of objects that a thief could hide behind will be beneficial. Providing bright outside lights can also help discourage a thief from targeting your home. Since burglars don’t want to be seen, providing them cover, either in the form of darkness or in an object such as a bush, is what you should strive to avoid when possible.

For the inside of your home, making the potential access point difficult to navigate could be helpful in preventing a burglary. Installing a table underneath the window that is stacked with items that would make loud noises if knocked over could startle a potential thief and persuade them to leave. When stacking your table with items, however, be sure to choose inexpensive items you wouldn’t mind being broken in the event of a robbery.

Window Alarms

For added protection against potential thieves, you can have one or several types of alarms installed for you by a security company. The alarms can alert you via your phone, set off an alarm at your exterior window securityhome’s location, and contact authorities in your area. One such alarm is a window contact sensor that will notify you when anyone disturbs your windows. You can also install motion detectors inside or outside of your home to alert you when movement occurs. Additionally, window break sensors can sound an alarm and contact authorities if anyone breaks through your windows.

A security company can provide you with the window security you need to protect your property and family by installing sensitive and effective window alarms and sensors. When all other precautions fail to deter a thief, alarms and sensors that are properly installed will alert you and authorities of suspicious activity and danger.

When securing your home against burglars, remember to strengthen your window security as well as your front door security. Burglars will likely try to access your home through your windows and if you haven’t reinforced them and added effective locks you could be a target for robbery. Call Pelican State Protection for your home security alarms and sensors and strengthen your windows even more to protect against burglary.