What Home Automation Does for You

Home Automation Provides Convenience and Safety

Grocery shopping took longer than you expected and now you’re pulling into your driveway in the dark. You gather up your 20 grocery bags and head for the door, but you can’t see your keys and you’re now fumbling at the lock. Meanwhile, those grocery bags are getting heavier by the second.

Late nights, unexpected visitors, and full hands are just a few good reasons for home automation. With automated technology such as automatic locks, lights, and cameras, you can make your life a lot easier and safer.

Live More Comfortably and Save Energy with Home Automation

Pulling up in a dark driveway will be a thing of the past with home automation. You’ll be able to schedule your lights to come on at specific times or turn them on from the safety of your car with automated lights. Remotely controlling the outside and inside lights means safety, and that you never walk into a dark house or through the dark to get to your doorway again.

Temperature control through an adjustable thermostat is another convenience that home automation offers. You will be able to lower your energy bill by remotely adjusting the temperature in your house based on your daily activities. You could also set up a schedule for precise temperature readings at certain times of the day. Home automation offers comfort and energy savings with automated thermostats.

Check on the State of Your Home from Anywhere

Home automation offers more than just comfort, it also offers safety and security.

With cameras placed on the outside of your home watching potential access points, you can be sure your home stays secure at all times.

Front-of-home cameras, back-of-home cameras, doorbell cameras, and more all provide ways to watch the activity around your home. You even have access to a live feed from the cameras on your computer, tablet, or phone so you know who is at your door before you open it up.

Home Automation Gives You Easy Access

While security companies are all about keeping the wrong people out of your home, they also want to make it easier for you, the homeowner, to get inside. Automatic locks installed by security companies like Pelican State Protection, help make it easier for homeowners to access their house while also keeping others out.

If you’ve ever worried that you may have forgotten to lock the door then an automatic lock is perfect for you. You can lock and unlock your door remotely from your phone to ensure your house is secure at all times.

In contrast, you can also unlock your door more conveniently if you need hands-free access. Will you have your arms full with groceries when you reach the door? Simply unlock your door from your phone before you gather up the groceries and avoid digging for your keys on the stoop. Automatic locks can put your mind at ease and save you when you’re carrying heavy items.

Keep Your Home Secure at All Times

Home automation from security companies also means protection. Along with locked doors, live video feeds, and lit driveways, you also get security with hazard sensors and alarms. From extreme-temperature sensors to motion detectors, home automation technology can keep you up to date on everything that goes on in your home.

Home automation gives you more control of your home and offers additional security and peace of mind. Alerts to your phone and constant access ensure you are always aware of what is happening at the house, even when you’re away. Call Pelican State Protection to find out how home automation will work with your home and schedule.