Your Home’s Biggest Weak Spots

Your Home’s Biggest Weak Spots can be Strengthened with Proper Security Equipment and Care.

Your home is your castle. We’ve all heard it before and expect it to be true. We expect that our walls are strong, our windows are unbreakable, and that our doors are fortified, but the truth is that every castle can be breached, including yours.

When burglars are scoping out your home, they are looking for your home’s biggest weak spots. Where they can easily gain access into, and where they can exit quickly once they have what they want. To protect your home against burglars, you need to fortify its weak spots. Take a look at your home’s four biggest weak spots and how you can fortify it against attacks.

Front and Back Doors

Many burglars gain access to your home through the front or back door. Poor lighting, view-obstructing hedges, and hidden keys all make the front door an easy access point for burglars. To help strengthen your door defenses, install bright lights around your both the front and back door, trim back hedges for clear views of both doors, and don’t hide a key anywhere near the entrance.

Burglars will also be less likely to break into your home if you have a security camera pointed directly at the doors. A doorbell security camera can help ward off potential thieves. The live stream from the cameras can feed right to your phone, so you know at all times who is at your front door.


Your windows are another weak spot that burglars target on a regular basis. That small latch that holds your window closed is not much of a defense against a determined thief. To help prevent thieves from targeting your windows, make sure the outside of your home is well lit and there are no bushes that thieves can hide in while breaking into your home.

You can also secure your windows by adding touch sensors and alarms that trigger when burglars disturb your windows. Security cameras can deter thieves from targeting your home as well as the burglar’s risk of getting caught is increased.

Garage Door

Burglars have been known to gain access to homes through attached garages. Leaving the garage door open or having a broken or an unreliable garage door can end with a ransacked home. To keep your home safe from burglars make sure your attached garage is secure by getting a sturdy garage door with a good lock or keypad lock.

You can also invest in a timed garage door that will ensure your garage door closes even when you forget. Avoid leaving a garage opener in your car and consider motion sensors inside your garage just in case a burglar gains entry. Motion sensors can alert you when there is a disturbance so you can decide what action to take.

Pet Door

The convenience of a pet door is invaluable to pet owners and their furry friends, but it also offers a convenient point of entry for a burglar. To prevent burglars from getting into your home through the pet door, you can invest in a specialty pet door. For example, some pet doors are activated only when a microchip, which is attached to your pet’s collar, is near the pet door.

You can also obtain motion sensors for your home that are able to distinguish between your pet and an uninvited person. Security cameras that face the pet door can also live stream to your phone so you know at all times what or who is entering your home.

Fortifying the four most common weak spots in your home is important to prevent burglaries. Talk to your home security company, Pelican State Protection, to ensure your home’s biggest weak spots are protected. At Pelican State Protection, LLC, we make a point to make sure your home and castle are as strong as they can be so it can withstand any attack.