Shift Security into Overdrive and Prevent Car Break-ins

Car Break-ins Make Up 24 Percent of All Thefts in the United States

In the United States, according the FBI’s latest crime report, an estimated 707,758 car thefts occurred in 2015. To top it off, there were 1,369,523 instances of a thief stealing items out of a motor vehicle in 2015. It’s safe to say that car burglary is a common crime, and as it makes up 24 percent of all thefts, that that criminals find it easy.

With car break-ins being extremely common, it’s time to ask yourself if you’re doing everything you can to protect your possessions.

Prevent Car Break-ins by Following These 4 Tips

  1. Lock Your Doors

It may seem obvious, but locking your car doors is the first line of defense against a car thief. You can prevent many car break-ins by simply pressing that lock button after you exit your vehicle. Nothing will tempt a thief more than easy access, so before you walk away from your car, lock the doors and then lock them again for good measure.

  1. Roll Up Your Windows

On a hot summer day, cracking your windows is a great way to let hot air out of your car, but it’s also a great way to let burglars into your car. It only takes a little space for sticky fingers or metal devices to slip in through your windows and get access to the rest of your car. Thieves can press unlock buttons with a tool or rock your windows out of their tracks with incredibly little effort. It’s best to keep your windows shut tight when leaving your vehicle, especially overnight.

  1. Park Wisely and Turn on the Beams

A dark and quiet place where thieves can go unnoticed is the last place you should park your car. If you have to park in a parking garage, try to find a place where there is heavy foot traffic and plenty of light. When parking in a parking lot or in front of your home, find and park in a well lit area. By doing this, you can prevent car break-ins as thieves tend to avoid targeting a car that is in the open and highly visible.

  1. Keep it Clean

Keeping items in your car, valuable or otherwise, makes your car more of a target than one that is empty. A thief will be more likely to break into your car if they spot electronics, jewelry, or even clothes sitting out in the open. Keep your car empty or hide your items in the glove box, under the seat, or in a console to help prevent thieves from breaking into your vehicle.

  1. Install Security Cameras

Burglars clearly don’t want to get caught so they watch out for anything that would ruin their foul plans. Installing security cameras that will keep an eye on not only your home, but also the surrounding property, can be the difference between filing a police report and watching TV on any given night. Burglars are more likely to keep walking if they spot a security camera that could catch them in the act of breaking into your car.

In addition to preventing car break-ins, security cameras can also help you identify thieves if they do happen to steal items from your vehicle. Be sure to get high-definition security cameras for strong evidence against burglars. For added protection, call Pelican State Protection for your high-definition security cameras and home alarm systems.

Preventing car break-ins is simple when you follow these five simple steps. If a car thief is desperate and breaks into your car despite the precautions you’ve taken, report the theft immediately. Always remember to lock your doors, roll up your windows, clean your car, park in well-lit areas, and check video footage to protect your property.