Smart Doorbell Cameras Keep You Safe

Know Who is at Your Door without Answering it with a Smart Doorbell Camera

Home is the place where you should feel the most safe and comfortable. When unexpected visitors come to your house however, your safety could be threatened, and you may feel like you’re in danger. A smart doorbell with a built in security camera can help keep you safe and put your mind at ease.

What is a Smart Doorbell with Security Camera?

A smart doorbell with a security camera is a doorbell device for your home that has additional capabilities. The “smart” part about the doorbell is its ability to connect to the internet. Connecting to the internet is important because it allows you to view what is going on at your door from just about anywhere.

A smart doorbell comes with a built in security camera, speaker, and microphone. When connected to the internet, your smart doorbell can stream live footage of the front of your home to your smartphone when someone is approaching. You can see who is at your door, listen to what they say, and even respond if you choose without ever actually opening your door.

A Smart Doorbell Offers You Comfort and Convenience

When you’re home alone, when it’s late at night, or when there are suspicious people around, opening your door to a knock may not be the best choice. A smart doorbell offers you the comfort of knowing who is at your door before you answer.

With motion detection, you get an alert on your phone when someone is at your door. Real-time footage of your doorstep is streamed to your phone, and you clearly see who is at your door. No need to ask who’s there, to peak out your window, or come close to the door at all. You avoid alerting the visitor to your presence and can choose whether you want to open it or alert authorities.

With a smart doorbell’s built in speaker and microphone, communicating with visitors is easy, even when you aren’t home. Whether a friend stops by or a mail person delivers a package, you can talk directly to them. Tell your friend you are on the way home or even let the mail person know to leave the package at the back door using the smart doorbell.

Protect Your Home with a Doorbell that has a Built in Camera

The threat of detection and being caught is sometimes enough to deter a potential thief. A smart doorbell that has a built-in camera promises potential thieves that you will have a video of their actions and evidence should they do anything to your home.

The option to tell a thief you will call the authorities even when you are not home may also scare them away. Since robbers will most likely try to target your home when you are not there, a voice saying you will take action if they don’t leave might shock them into leaving your home alone.

Smart doorbells with built in security cameras can help you feel safe in your home. They offer the comfort of seeing who is at your door without answering and the convenience of knowing who is there even when you are not. For your smart doorbell, call Pelican State Protection, LLC and keep an eye on who comes to your home.