Make Sure Your Parents are Safe with These Helpful Tips

Protect Your Parents from Burglars and Scammers

Our parents protected us while we grew up. They told us not to talk to strangers and to always lock our doors. They taught us everything we needed to know to face the challenges of the real world. To think about someone stealing or taking advantage of our parents is very unsettling.

We have heard the horror stories of scammers and robbers targeting the elderly and taking advantage of their kindness. More and more con artists have started to target seniors on the phone, online, and even in person.

Protecting your parents from external threats by yourself is not an easy task. At Pelican State Protection, LLC, we provide ways to help you protect your parents from scams. We understand how important your loved ones’ safety is to you, and we want to minimize some of the worries you may have. Here are some tips on what you can do to ensure your parents’ safety.

Install Security Cameras

This may seem like an obvious suggestion, but security cameras give homeowners a feeling of safety and security. Installing cameras both inside and outside the house will allow your parents to see everything that goes on, even when no one is home.

Pelican State Protection can even install a camera into your parents’ doorbell so that they can see who is at the door just by looking on their smartphone or computer device. Your parents won’t even have to open the door. This will help prevent the wrong people from gaining entry.


Stay Connected at All Times

It is a good idea to invest in a security system that can be controlled and monitored at all times. Have your security system connected to both your and your parents’ phone or computer so that you can see exactly what’s happening at any time.Whether it’s reviewing video footage or streaming live footage, you can access it from your mobile device.

Having a security system that you and your parents can access will make you feel more confident and comfortable by showing you that your parents are safe in real time.

Try Safety Sensors

It is not always safe to go investigate a sound you hear, and you do not want your parents to take that risk either. While it may not always be a threat, security systems are designed to protect people from these uncertain situations. 

Safety sensors will take the guessing game out of the noises your parents may hear. When a motion sensor detects a potential threat, an alarm will sound to alert you and intimidate potential threats.

Pelican State Protection offers several other safety sensors that you can get to protect your parents such as glass break detectors, extreme temperature and smoke detectors, and several more.

Your parents can even check the security footage to find the source of detection without getting out of bed. Not only does this protect them from coming into contact with a security threat, but it also keeps them from tripping or injuring themselves while trying to navigate in the dark.

Not everyone has the same home, so why should everyone have the same security plan? Pelican State Protection uses the latest technology to ensure your loved ones are safe even when you’re not around. We create unique security and protection plans that work for the layout of your home and for your budget.

We love our parents and know you love yours too. To learn more about our security systems and what you can do to keep your parents safe, give us a call at 225-334-8184.