Ding-Dong! Should You Answer? – 4 Tips to Secure Your Front Door

Protect Your Home and Family with Front Door Security Technology and Keep and Eye on Your Home from Anywhere

As the main entrance to your home, your front door should be fortified against anyone who is not you or your family. Protecting your home, however, is getting more difficult as robbers now have access to better technology and information. Your standard front-door lock may no longer be sufficient in keeping burglars out of your home.

What can you do to beef up your front door security and lock down this high-risk access point? Adding front-door security technology to your home can help keep you and your family safe.

Doorbell Security Camera

Opening the front door can be a gamble. You never know if it will be your friendly mail deliverer or someone else with bad intentions on the other side of the door. While you could look through the keyhole on your door or out of a nearby window, the risk of alerting a burglar to your presence may not be the best idea. In addition, if you aren’t home to check on your door when someone comes knocking, then your home could be broken into without you knowing.

Adding a doorbell security camera alerts you when someone comes to your home, giving you an edge on unexpected visitors. With a video of your doorstep feeding directly to your phone, you’ll know who is at your front door from any location at any time. You’ll be able to decide whether you should open the door or call for backup with a doorbell security camera.

Automatic Front-door Locks

Forgetting to lock the front door on a busy morning is a common occurrence for many people. Grabbing your morning coffee, getting the kids ready for school, or remembering your presentation for work can cause you to forget everyday tasks. When you have a hectic morning, locking the door may just slip your mind.

With automatic front-door locks, however, securing your home after a forgetful morning is simple. With a front-door lock that can be controlled from your phone, you can lock your door from anywhere and prevent a robber from having easy access to your home.

Front-Door Contact Sensor

Robbers have all kinds of tricks up their sleeves. A robber may dress like a mail deliverer so you let down your guard and dismiss the video feed. Securing your front door with a door sensor can help you safeguard against tricky burglars by alerting you to any suspicious behavior.

With a front-door contact sensor, you will be notified of suspicious front-door activity. If a burglar tries to pick the lock or a forced entry by breaking down the door, a contact sensor will pick up the suspicious activity and alert you instantly.

Your front door should not be an easy access point for robbers. Secure your front door and safeguard your home and family with front door security technology such as doorbell security cameras, automatic front-door locks, and contact sensors. Call Pelican State Protection, LLC today to secure your front door against robbers and ensure your family’s protection.